The Joan Fuster Chair (CJF) was created by the University of Valencia in 1993, the year after the death of the scholar, who had been a professor at the university over the last years of his life. The purpose of setting up this university chair was not only to study the writer’s work but also carry out research into all the subjects and areas of reflection dealt with in his work and thought, in the different disciplines of human and social sciences. The CJF also finds it important to contribute to the dissemination of Fuster’s person and legacy.

The CJF reports to the headquarters of the Inter-University Institute of the Valencian Language at the University of Valencia, from where it is administered. Ferran Carbó, Professor of the Catalan Language, has been the coordinator of the CJF from October 2004 to the present day. The academic planning and monitoring of activities depend on an interdisciplinary commission made up of different members from various academic areas related to Joan Fuster’s work. These members and specialists are: Tobies Grimaltos, Antoni Furió, Francesc Pérez i Moragon, Manuel Pérez Saldanya and Vicent Simbor. The CJF, in terms of the research it carries out, is linked to the Vice-Rectorate for Scientific Research and Policy, and, in terms of the dissemination it promotes, reports to the Vice-Rectorate for Communication and Institutional Relations, both at the University of Valencia.

Since 2003, the CJF has increased its activity and has boosted its projection by carrying out a series of activities. Thus, among the activities of research and debate, we should mention the organization of conferences, talks, the call for study grants, the publication of monographs, while in dissemination, we could highlight the organization of exhibitions, the development of audiovisual material and the preparation of teaching materials, among many others. It is also worth mentioning the work in the preservation of his works through re-editions, translations and the publication of certain unpublished works. In addition, the CJF provides ongoing advice on the classification and digitization of the collections and the legacy of the Joan Fuster Space documentary collection in Sueca.