The main activities of the Joan Fuster Chair are as follows:

1. Dissemination of the work of Joan Fuster, with editions, re-editions and translations
Among the main tasks of the CJF, we should underline different publications of Fuster’s texts: the publication of the hitherto unpublished Bestiari (2005) and the previous re-edition of Judicis finals (2003). In 2006 the CJF took part in the publication of the English translation of Dictionary for Idlers, in collaboration with the Anglo-Catalan Society, and was responsible for the Italian translation of Giudizi finali, by the publishing house Faenza Tratti-Mobydick. The Chair is currently collaborating on an Italian translation of Les originalitats.

2. Conference on Joan Fuster, in collaboration with the City Council of Sueca.
On 16 October 2003, at the Cultural Centre in Sueca, the 1st Joan Fuster Conference was held, which started with a collaboration agreement signed by the University of Valencia and the City Council of Sueca. The conference was held every year, and is currently held every two years. On 15 November 2012, the 9thJoan Fuster Conference was held, dedicated monographically to the 50th anniversary of Nosaltres, els valencians. These conferences have studied different monographic aspects of the work and thought of Joan Fuster, always from an approach made by senior specialists. Among the aspects studied are his relationship with literature, history, discourse and language, and for example, his relationship with fundamental personalities of contemporary culture such as Pierre Vilar, Salvador Espriu, Josep Pla, Joan Reglà and Manuel Sanchis Guarner, among others. The papers from these conferences are published in the Col·lecció Càtedra Joan Fuster series.

3. The endowment and assignment of the introductory studies to the volumes of the Correspondencia de Joan Fuster.
Another activity related to the CJF is the participation in Fuster’s correspondence, in a collection directed by Antoni Furió and published by Edicions Tres i Quatre, in which fourteen volumes have already appeared. The CJF intervenes in the financing and selection of publishers, but not in the actual publishing.

4. Joan Fuster scholarships
Every two years a scholarship is awarded to study a given aspect of Fuster’s work: since 2006 it has been endowed with 4,000 Euros. The proposals which have won the scholarships, since the constitution of the scholarship, have been for monographs by Guillem Calaforra, Enric Balaguer, Carme Gregori, Pau Viciano, Joan Borja and Salvador Ortells. These monographs are published by the Col-lecció Cátedra Joan Fuster, part of the Publicacions de la Universitat de València (PUV).

5. Exhibitions about Fuster
The exhibition Els arxius de Fuster was held at the University of Valencia, organized together with the Vice-Rectorate of Culture at the University of Valencia in the spring of 2006. The curator was Francesc Pérez i Moragon. The exhibition, among other places, was installed at the Institute of Catalonian Studies in Barcelona in 2008. This exhibition was also taken, in the summer of 2006, to the University of Gandia, and, in the autumn, to the Town Hall of Sueca. It has also been exhibited, by means of reproductions, at the UJI, in Castelló de la Plana.
In 2012, in collaboration with the Vice-Rectorate of Culture, a commemorative exhibition was held on the 50thanniversary of Nosaltres, els valencians: 1962-2012. Joan Fuster. Nosaltres els valencians. The curators were Brígida Alapont, Ferran Carbón and Francesc Pérez i Moragón. The exhibition was held at the Universities of Valencia, Alicante, and Castellón, at the Palau Robert in Barcelona, and in Ontinyent and Sueca. A catalogue was published for each of the exhibitions.

6. Other collaborations
Among the activities of the CJF we could highlight collaborations in different activities related to Joan Fuster. For example, the CD-ROM Joan Fuster: una biografía visual, by the Federació d’Escola Valenciana (FEV), and the exhibition “Fuster i els clàssics”, also by the FEV and the City Council of Sueca; and taking part in the 2007 conference that the Societat Verdagueriana held in Valencia, with different talks given in the building of the University of València, in the street on Calle de la Nau and in the Joan Fuster House in Sueca. Several presentations on Vicent Andrés Estellés, Manuel Sanchis Guarner and Salvador Espriu have also been organized or collaborated on, for the commemorations in honour of these people.

7. Audiovisual documentaries about Fuster
The CJF has made a firm commitment to the dissemination of Fuster’s work and person. Therefore, in collaboration with the Audiovisual Workshop of the University of Valencia, it has sponsored and academically tutored the audiovisual Ser Joan Fuster, about the life and work of the writer. The documentary is in two formats: a DVD and a book of interviews together with the DVD. It is aimed at the general public and has enjoyed media coverage and distribution in the educational field. It has also published the DVD Música a l’entorn de Joan Fuster, a live recording of a concert held at the University of Valencia in 2012.

8. Joan Fuster Chair Collection
This collection of books, devoted to the study of the essayist and his environment, directed by the CJF coordination and published by the PUV, is currently the most significant collection of specialized research material on the scholar from Sueca.


XII Jornada Joan Fuster
Indagació, pensament i literatura
Data: 13 de novembre de 2018

XI Jornada Joan Fuster
Joan Fuster i la ironia
Data: 10 de Novembre de 2016

II Jornada Joan Fuster
Data: 4 de Novembre de 2004

III Jornada Joan Fuster
Data: 10 de Novembre de 2005

IV Jornada Joan Fuster
Data: 9 de Novembre de 2006

V Jornada Joan Fuster
Data: 15 de Novembre de 2007

VI Jornada Joan Fuster
Data: 11 de Novembre de 2008

VII Jornada Joan Fuster
Data: 12 de Novembre de 2009

VIII Jornada Joan Fuster
Data: 11 de Novembre de 2010

IX Jornada Joan Fuster
Data: 15 de Novembre de 2012

X Jornada Joan Fuster
Data: 13 de Novembre de 2014


Els arxius de Joan Fuster
Data: 12 de Març de 2006

Nosaltres els valencians
Data: 16 de Febrer de 2012

Other activities

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